Outsourcing Medical Billing to Offshore Center

Outsourcing Medical Billing to Offshore Centers is a popular option in today's highly competitive healthcare industry.

Outsourcing healthcare services to India is a hugely popular practice today. Over 300 of the Fortune 500 companies outsource some part of their technology and business processes to the country. Almost 50 percent of these companies are healthcare players. A Gartner Study predicts that over 70 percent of healthcare companies will outsource more than half of their operations by 2007 and India has the potential to attract a huge portion of these contracts.

While other Offshore Medical Billing Outsource companies implement offshoring as a cost-cutting measure, Medical Billing Offshore takes a unique approach that combines Outsourcing Medical Billing with Onshore process optimization to achieve success and make a significant difference on the profitability and operational viability by using our experience and expertise in Offshore Medical Billing.

Why Outsource Medical Billing Services Offshore?

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