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Offshore Outsourcing has proved to be a deciding factor for companies that offer cost and quality edge in a competitive market. The success of Offshore Outsourcing relies on the word "Customer Satisfaction". Medical Billing Offshore provides reliable, quality, and value added services to focus on your core business needs so that you are assured that a dedicated offshore outsourcing team is working for you.

Medical Billing Offshore brings delight to our customers by nurturing deeper relationships, by building innovative solutions, and by staying committed to business value.

Offshore Outsourcing has proved to be a differentiating factor for companies, offering cost, time and quality advantages. Today, it is a common practice to look to distant shores for:

The elusive key to a successful Offshore Outsourcing venture resides in a twelve-letter word "relationship".

Why Outsource?

When you consider the advantages of outsourcing, you will realize that there is a lot to gain by using it as an intrinsic part of your business strategy.

By outsourcing, you can:

Benefits of Offshore Outsourcing

Why India?

Outsource to India for "technological agility, quality, cost control, time-to-market and competitive advantage". India is a talent-rich country. India exports software to 95 countries around the world. India enjoys the confidence of global corporations. About 82 per cent of the US companies ranked India as their first choice for Outsourcing Medical Transcription, Medical Billing, Call Center, Litigation Services and Data Conversion & Data Capturing Services.

Offshore countries like India, China, Brazil, Philippines and Mexico act as major outsourcing center to the first world nations like the US and UK. India as of now stands out as a major outsourcing center with facilities available to handle both high end as well as low end services.

Most Indian outsourcing service provider companies are quality certified and have resources to handle entire business processes. Companies across the world outsource work to India to stay competitive. They realize that to maintain stay ahead, they need to reduce costs, provide the best quality, use the latest high-tech skills and be reliable & innovative.

When you outsource to India, your outsource to a mature industry with world-class systems and quality. Of the 23 software companies in the world that have achieved the prestigious SEI-CMM Level 5, 15 of them are Indian. India has state-of-the-art technologies for total solutions. Offshore assignments have moved up the value chain from data entry to large and complex turnkey projects of 200 to 300 person years.

In today's competitive economy, outsourcing medical billing seems to be a great option for the health care companies. Now the question arises as where to outsource medical billing. The best possible destination as of now for outsourcing medical billing seems to be India.

You can find several compelling reasons to outsource to India. Take the first step and make a decision.

How Outsourcing Management helps in Successful Outsourcing

Actually to enjoy the benefits of outsourcing, a proper management framework to organize the process is integral. A systematic outsourcing management will surely produce the following benefits and improve your outsourcing business.

Importance of Outsourcing Relationships

Management of outsourcing relationships is important, because it ensures maximum value from the investments made and enables to give world-class services to its customers.

Successful management of outsourcing relationship depends on the way the requirements are defined, the way the objectives are described, the way a vendor is chosen, and the way a service level agreement is written. Communication becomes the essence of a successful outsourcing relationship.

How to equip your in-house capabilities to match your outsourcing requirements

Future of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is here to stay. In a highly competitive business environment, companies need to stick to their core competencies and go for strategic outsourcing to reduce their costs and become more effective in their services to their customers. Outsourcing will be looked at as an essential business skill. A company's success in managing their outsourcing relationship will determine its business success. The economic benefits from offshore outsourcing will create more than 337,000 jobs by 2010, according to the study, by Global Insight Inc. ITAA called offshore outsourcing a "net positive for American workers and the US economy".

According to Gartner, Indian-Business Process Outsourcing companies are acquiring companies in the US and other locations with several objectives. These include access to a new market beyond just a toe-hold, with ready resources, clients and revenues, access to a new set of skills or domain and process expertise in the target market, access to a new technology or intellectual property and also greater credibility with target clients, by having a strong local presence beyond just a sales office. This growing trend further highlights the transformation of offshore outsourcing to global sourcing.

Statistics Related to Offshore Outsourcing

"Global revenues on outsourced medical transcription services in 2005 are already estimated to be at 2.2 billion dollars, with the US market accounting for more than 85 percent of global demand..." –Source–XMG Study, Jan 2006.

"India controls 44 per cent of the global offshore outsourcing market for software and back-office services, with revenues of US $17.2 billion (euro14.07 billion) in the year ended March 2005..." -Source–Associated Press, June 2005.

“Twelve per cent of outsourcing spending in 2005 will involve offshore resources, growing to 19 per cent in 2009." –Source-Global Outsourcing, May 2005.

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